We-Vibe 4 is Shipping November 29th … are you ready?

We-Vibe 4 with remote and charging station

We-Vibe 4 Great Sex, Now Better

We-Vibe® 4 takes couples to new heights of intimate pleasure. The world’s number 1 couples vibrator, completely redesigned for better fit, heightened intensity and more control. She wears it during sex for extra stimulation to her clitoris and G-spot. Together they both share the vibe.

Extensive product research and testing with consumers, retailers, sexologists, relationship counsellors, OB/GYNs and sex researchers has led to the most advanced We-Vibe to date.

We-Vibe 4 is shaped for even greater pleasure. Its new compact form hugs the body to deliver stronger, more intense vibrations. The curved clitoral stimulator follows the curve of her body and gently rests between the labia, while the stiff mid-section ensures a snug fit. The redesigned G-spot stimulator sits in place behind the pelvic bone, increasing stability and comfort for both partners.

It’s one wild vibe. Made with silky-soft medical- grade silicone, We-Vibe 4 is body-safe and 100% waterproof for fun in the shower and easy cleaning. The simple control button, at the top of the clitoral stimulator, cycles through 6 vibration modes. Or the remote control allows for fine-tuning of the stimulation. Use the up/down buttons to step through 10 levels of intensity or press and hold the up button to soar to max right away. Use the left/right buttons to go backward or forward through the modes — including the new Echo vibe, which alternates between G-spot and clitoral vibration.

We-Vibe 4 with remote and charging station


Feature summary

Wireless remote with intensity control Silky-smooth and soft medical-grade siliconeis ultra comfortable Compact, body-hugging form stays inplace and fits all body types Stiff mid-section for snug fit — makes a great panty vibe Two powerful yet whisper-quiet motors provide intense stimulation 6 vibration modes, including new Echo vibe 100% waterproof Eco-friendly1 . . . → Read More: We-Vibe 4 is Shipping November 29th … are you ready?

Review Vibrating Strapless G-String (Gigi) by Blush

Blush Strapless Vibrating Panties

Blush has combined two classic sexy things, a clitoris vibrator and a G-String, which isn’t new, but they have given them a twist by making the panties – strapless! So that “one size” really does fit every woman’s body. Gigi, my name for her, was a wonderful idea, that I looked forward to trying out. A truly, marvelous, incredibly wonderful idea that in my opinion, needs a bit better engineering. And not for the way that it fit this time either. That was one of the better parts. But its electronics did not hold up.

Blush Strapless Vibrating Panties

The idea of a G-string, so it’s riding up the crack of your butt, is to me one of the less sexier things in the world. Yet this was actually very comfortable. I’m usually very wary of ‘one size fits all’ things. Generally, because most manufacturers are using a size “6” model; when most of the world is a size “12”. However, the fit was amazingly correct. At no time when I wore it did I feel it was too small, or too big. I was able to walk around the bedroom with it on, and not once did I feel as if the toy would fall off, or out. It simply hugged my body just right.

The button for controlling the vibration portion of the toy, was at just the right spot on the small of my butt. You know , that little place right before the two globes of an ass, split apart. Unless someone knew what you were doing, it’d be real easy to get a thrill with nobody knowing. There would be no problem for me to discretely lay my hand against the small of my back, and reach down with one finger to make an . . . → Read More: Review Vibrating Strapless G-String (Gigi) by Blush

We-Vibe 3 | 40% stronger and Remote Controled

We-Vibe 3

I’m not sure how they arrived at 40% more power for the We-Vibe 3, whether that means a bigger weight giving strong vibration, or a faster motor give more vibrations, or some combination of the two, but more Power is always a good thing. Of course all the features that you have come to love in the We-Vibe and We-Vibe 2 like being waterproof, 100% lead-free, phthalate-free medical grade silicone and Eco-friendly still pertains to the We-Vibe 3, and like the We-Vibe 2 the 3 is offered in Purple / Red / Teal. . . . → Read More: We-Vibe 3 | 40% stronger and Remote Controled

Remote Control Waterproof Vibe set Review

Remote Vibrator Set waterproof

Wow there is a lot of toys in the one box so lets just get started. I hope that everyone is up for some wireless fun with a hands free strap-on with the Remote Control Waterproof Vibe Set. Well let me just say that we were trying to use this while and after playing the X rated Beer pong, not the best idea I have ever had. Its a little awkward to put on and use. I am not a huge fan of the plastic its a little hard, but once you get it going you kinda get used to it. Not recommended using without any lube, so its a good thing that the set comes with some.

Now for the Rabbit vibe. You use the remote control to rotate the head of the rabbit. The remote also works the vibrating function of the rabbit. Its nice that your lover can control, but thats not really for me. I like some control to my orgasm. Its a nice vibrator but like I have said many times before I love power and there is just not enough power it this piece.

Now moving on to the mini-vibe.The best the is that each piece is controlled from the same remote, independently or simultaneously to satisfy one or several partners at once. They all have ten pulse patterns, so you can pick the one that you like best. There is also the magic bullet with is smaller and fatter.

If you are looking for the best bang for your money this is a good thing to get. You are getting several things for one price. I cant say that it is awful but i also cant say that it is wonderful ether. I hate that I . . . → Read More: Remote Control Waterproof Vibe set Review

Astrea II Vibrating Thong Panties Review

Vibrating Thong Panties

I like it when Discrete-Sensations surprises me. I get to learn new things. And learning is sooo much fun.

Vibrating Thong Panties. Hmmm Well there’s a thought I hadn’t thought of before. I mean I have heard of vibrating your kitty with a remote controlled toy before. But never thought to just slipping it inside of your panties. How much fun could that be for just getting your little pink bits all warm and ready while at the in-laws for Sunday night dinner? Not deep inside you where you might have an orgasm in the middle of the movie. But just outside your kitty? Oh the things that the toy people think up. I would make a lousy adult toy creator. No imagination.

The packaging is nice – and I like how the company, headed up by a real sex therapist doctor. Real, because I saw her and her sister on Oprah once. They give you quite a lot of information on the box. It helps you make your decision a little easier if you ask me. I’m all about informing and educating: knowledge is power, after all. They didn’t do to well on their ‘diagramming’, unless it was about how to work the batteries. I will give them brownies points for being one of the few companies at least trying to give their consumers some knowledge.

Ok -for a company that claims: “to have helped thousands of women”, they obviously weren’t looking at their body size, while doing the helping. I don’t know about you, but the 1 size I see the most on the ‘clearance racks’ is the small size. The average size is the large size. I’m an average woman. If you are going to advertise to the average woman, . . . → Read More: Astrea II Vibrating Thong Panties Review

Reviewing Remote Control Eggs and Bullets

Bnaughty Unleashed, Couture Collection Bliss and Remote Control Waterproof Bullet

Bnaughty Unleashed

Bswish has updated this item now to be 7 function and different sizes so this review of the Bnaughty Unleashed is no longer accurate. 09-02-2011.

Of all the Eggs/Bullets that I have looked at, my favorite for taking out in public would be the Bnaughty Unleashed. I has all the basics that every remote toy needs, Waterproof, Separate on/off button, good remote Range.

One of the things that make this toy stand out is the Remote. It has a small screen display showing you what the toy is doing, it gives you that real ‘playing with technology’ feel.

The bullet it self has plenty of power with the 3 1.5v N batteries, but don’t think that those 3 batteries mean longer run time than the competition, you are still only going to get the 1.5 – 2 hour continuous run time like all the rest. It uses the power to be able to give good vibrations even with the ‘velvet’ coating.


The ‘velvet’ coating allows this Bullet to be just quiet enough in public were others won’t hear, unless you turn it on high and the room/area is quiet or they are listening for it. So it can be the ‘little secret’, or the ‘What’s in your pants?’ depending on what you want and where you are.

Couture Collection Bliss

My second choice would be Couture Collection Bliss … but it has a limited capability since it is a rechargeable EGG, meaning once you use up the battery there is no ‘put fresh ones in’.

This Egg had the best battery life of all the ones I looked at… 2+ hours of continuous use on high. The Egg has an on/off button on it, . . . → Read More: Reviewing Remote Control Eggs and Bullets